Cultural Guide in October Part II

Cultural Guide in October Part II

October 15, 2018
Israel Blog by Mazada Tours

Can’t get enough from our previous post? Didn’t manage to attend all the events? Don’t be upset, the second half of October offers new exciting activities all over Israel which you too can participate in!Anination 2018If you loved Frozen, Moana, Minions, and the rest of the animated films that captured audience hearts, you will love Anination, the International Animation Festival. The four-day festival will be held in Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem, and will, of course, feature animated films from Israel and from around the world. But that’s not all—the festival will also feature workshops for burgeoning artists and animators, lectures by leaders in the field, and art exhibitions. The Anination festival will be held from the 24th ‘til the 27th of October.

Spirit Festival 2018If you’re not into animated films, but want still want to see some incredible heartwarming movies, head to the Spirit Film Festival. As the name suggests, this festival shows short- and feature-length films, as well as documentaries, that reflect the spirit of humanity and life on Earth. This festival, which is from October 25 ‘til the 27th, will also have workshops, talks, and lectures where participants will trade insights not only on film but also how to reach a higher state of living.

Piano FestivalPerhaps a visual medium isn’t your thing, and you prefer a sonic experience. Head to a concert that is part of the week-long Piano Festival, which starts on October 20th. With over 40 shows on the calendar, you have plenty of chances to hear some of Israel’s finest classical music.

Wine on CanvasArt and movies can be fun, but what makes the experience more exciting is a couple of drinks. The Wine on Canvas event features a live-painting performance by Solomon Souza, with the added bonus of unlimited wine at the bar.

No matter what your interest, there is plenty to do this October. Mazada Tours can help you book and organize the experience of your dreams in Israel. With our insider knowledge, you can be sure that you’ll have a unique experience that features much more than the basic historical sites.

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