Jewish Holidays Survival Guide

Jewish Holidays Survival Guide

September 16, 2018
Israel Blog by Mazada Tours

The entire month of September is marked by the highest Jewish Holidays such as Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Yom Kippur is one of the holiest days and the most solemn day of the year focusing on repentance, atonement and forgiveness.Although it sounds a little depressing, spending Yom Kippur in Israel is a surreal, unforgettable experience that offers a lot more than just an opportunity to sit around and reflect on all the bad things you did the past year. We reveal the ultimate activities to survive the holidays in Israel.

First, don’t forget that September is still hot in Israel and perfectly fits for a relaxation day on the beach. Which beach it shall be – on the Mediterranean coast, the Dead or the Red Sea – we can arrange a transfer to any of them.Since there will be no traffic on Yom Kippur itself, this day invites to walk or bike around the city or even on the empty highways, enjoying the calmness and quietness of the usually bustling city. Just don’t forget to rent your bike in advance 😉

And also all the restaurants and shops will be closed – except Yaffo, where the majority of the population is Muslim and does not observe the holiday. It will certainly be less busy than usual, but you’ll be able to find some shops, restaurants and grocery stores open and people out and about as on any other day.If you’ve missed the shofar blowing on Rosh Hashanah, this is the time to go to Jerusalem and have this once-in-a-life experience! Or escape with us for two days to the famous Petra in Jordan – we promise, this experience will be no less unforgettable.

You’ll barely notice how this day will pass and few days later begins an entire week of celebration: Sukkot.Sukkot is the Harvest Festival when people commemorate the time when the Jews lived 40 years in the desert in the huts (sukkah). Therefore, the sukkot will be seen all around, in the gardens, balconies and even rooftops. Though the biggest one will be built in Jerusalem on the Safra Square.

This time is also perfect to visit the holy city of Safed and surroundings. A big sukkah will be built on the top of the municipality allowing to sit and eat overviewing the gorgeous mountains. Or just go on a hike in the stunning nature of the North.

You may also want to attend the annual Tamar Festival in the South near the Dead Sea – the perfect introduction to some of Israel’s finest bands. And it’s not only about the music, with a planned 9km moonlit hike (5km for the less adventurous) and other great attractions to keep you and your family entertained.

Whatever activity you choose, Mazada Tours offers the best support in all matters, just reach out to us.

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