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We have over 35 years of experience in the tourism field, which cannot be replicated
Our representatives act as personal points of contact for you who are available for you even during your trip
We are a one-stop-shop where you can get hotels, tours, meals, transportation, and more, all in one transaction.
We provide you a warm welcome and all the services you may need to make you feel at home in the Middle East

How it works?

Reach out and contact us and explain what your dream trip to Israel looks like

We will craft you a customized itinerary that we will mold to your exact needs

We finalize your itinerary and choose a secure payment channel as per your preference

Welcome to Israel!

What Our Customers Say About Us


Terrific tour!

Richland, Washington 04/14/2019


"Mazada Tours did an excellent job"

Venture 04/02/2019


"A+ Treatment"

DGCCLC Houston, Texas 03/06/2019


"Awesome Experience"

UNIVERSAL P - Atlanta, Georgia 10/30/2018

Special Activities In Israel

9 בAugust 2018

Helicopter Tours

14 בAugust 2018

Eco Tours in Israel

14 בAugust 2018

Wineries in Israel

14 בAugust 2018

Star Gazing

14 בAugust 2018

Scuba Diving

14 בAugust 2018

Hot Air Balloon

19 בAugust 2018

Petra Extension

19 בAugust 2018

Egypt Extension

22 בAugust 2018

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Why travel with Mazada Tours?

In short: experience makes the difference!

Mazada Tours has been an incoming tour operator since 1981.

With all of our experience, we are able to offer our clients the best VIP experience in the Holy Land.

You will be guided through the whole booking process by your dedicated personal travel expert. Part of the key to our success is the fact that we have always been a “one-stop shop,” providing all types of tourism services under one roof. Aside from our operation in Israel, we also have trusted and dedicated partnerships with Jordanian and Egyptian suppliers who share our culture of trust and who will ensure top quality service and customer satisfaction without compromise!

 Our Management Team

Tony Leon

Operations Manager


Born in Cuba, Tony joined our company in 1992. He is a licensed guide and has years of experience guiding South American groups and FITs.

Myriam Jaoui

Incoming Dep. Director


Originally from France, Myriam joined our company in 2011. She brings more than 10 years of experience in incoming tourism in Israel.

Yotam Refael



Having grown up in the tourism industry, Yotam is a true expert in all matters associated with incoming tourism in Israel.

Aiden Bendavid

North America Dep. Director


Born in Tel Aviv, Israel to an American family, he brings the local connection and is the point of contact and travel consultant for all North American visitors to Israel.

Victoria Rozenfeld

Director of Client Relation


Worked in all over Switzerland and Germany for many years, she brings expertly the high level of European standards and the taste of traveling all over the world.