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Tours With Helicopter

Helicopter Tours in Israel
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Helicopter Tours in Israel 

When looking at the history and politics of a country like Israel, it’s important to have a good perspective. 

The most exhilarating perspective, however, is the literal one—a bird’s eye view! 

We at Mazada Tours want to help you explore Israel from the air, with our famous helicopter tours. A helicopter tour can be either a one-day trip or the cherry on top of your multiple-day itinerary. 

Once you’re in the air, the possibilities are endless. 

You could fly over Jerusalem, the Judean Desert, and Masada, and even touch down for a little R&R by the Dead Sea. 

You could head to the Golan Heights (with no traffic jams!) and land on Mount Gilboa for an absolutely breathtaking view, before having an exquisite meal at the Spice Farm nearby. 

You could fly to a northern winery, and land there for a couple of glasses of the finest reds and whites Israel has to offer. 

This is just a small sample of what is available. 

There are endless choices once you spread your wings and take flight! Add a helicopter tour to your itinerary today!