Israel Archeological Tour 10 Days 9 Nights Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival

Welcome to your tailor-made Archeological Tour in Israel! Our trusted travel representative will be waiting for you at the airport. You will be transferred to your comfortable accommodation choice in Jerusalem in a private, air-conditioned vehicle.

Day 2: Jerusalem – Part 1

To start, why don’t we soak up some spectacular views across Jerusalem? We’ll head to the peak of Mount Scopus near the Hebrew University Campus and enjoy all-encompassing views across the city and the Judean Desert. This is undoubtedly the best place to get a magnificent overview of the city and heading here early means you can avoid the mid-day group tour crowds. Next up will be the excavations of the City of David, where you’ll also see the prized Warren’s Shaft, the underground water conduit built almost 3,000 years ago! We’ll visit the Davidson Center, part of the Jerusalem Archaeological Park to see first-hand the splendors of Robinson’s Arch and Herodian Street. The park is both a technological marvel and an ancient site. Learn more about the region’s ancient history through interactive AV displays. You’ll head back to your Jerusalem hotel to spend another night.

Day 3: Jerusalem – Part II

This morning, your Archaeological tour in Israel will start with a visit to the Western Wall, where you can visit the underground excavations and then discover the engineering process used to build the Temple Mount on a tour. Temple Mount is a much-revered religious site in all three Great Monotheistic Religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. In Jerusalem’s New City, visit the Valley of the Cross, home to the Monastery of the Cross, where you see its beautifully preserved mosaic floor. The monastery is set right between the Western Wall and Israel Museum. This is an Eastern Orthodox monastery built on the site believed to have once boasted the tree from which Jesus’ cross was made. Last but not least, you will have ample time at the Israel Museum, discovering its most ancient and important artifacts. Stay overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 4: Masada Fortress and the Dead Sea

This morning, we’ll take you through the Judean hills to the desert, stopping by the Inn of the Good Samaritan, an ancient caravanserai built along the Jericho to Jerusalem trading route. We will then move to one of Israel’s historical highlights and a place that is very close to our hearts. A fortress that inspired our company’s founder! Enjoy a cable-car ride and guide tour of the spellbinding Masada Fortress, a magnificent castle built by King Herod over 2,000 years ago. Next on our schedule is a visit to the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, where wild ibex roam free and glorious walking trails lead to waterfalls and sensational views across the Dead Sea. We can also visit Qumran where we’ll find the Dead Sea Scrolls caves. Afterward, you will not want to miss your chance for a therapeutic bathing experience in the Dead Sea – cover your whole body in mud, lie back and enjoy the sensation of floating on air, on one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water. We will transfer you to your hand-picked Dead Sea hotel for the night.

Day 5: Beit She’an

To start the day, we’ll visit Beit She’an. This amazingly preserved Roman city is one of the most underrated highlights of Israel so we always enjoy a quiet and contemplative visit on our Archaeological Tours. Learn all about the extraordinary 6,000year-old history and exceptional prominence of this once formidable place, which today is one of Israel’s largest archaeological sites. Stroll the colonnaded avenue, visit the ancient public baths and discover stores, workshops, and dwellings that seem to be older than time itself. We will drive to Tiberias for our overnight stay.

Day 6: Tel Meggido and Beit Alpha

Your archaeological pilgrimage today starts with a drive to the Valley of the Armageddon – Megiddo stands atop the Jezreel Valley and was the prophesized spot where all the armies would converge for the battle ‘to end all time’. A UNESCO heritage-listed site of cultural importance, Megiddo oozes historical importance from every single one of its ancient stones. It sat at an important junction on the road from Assyria to Egypt and saw many fierce battles over the dominance of the region. Ruins here predate 600BC and archaeological excavations, believe it or not, are still ongoing. Our next port of call will be the 6th-century Beit Alpfa Synagogue, accidentally discovered in 1928. The floors are famous for their intricate mosaics, images, and inscriptions. Finally, we will drive to the beautiful ancient city of Tiberias, set along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, where you will spend a lovely evening and stay overnight.

Day 7: Tel Hatzor and Qatsrin

Today, your Archaeological Tour will first guide you to Tel Hatzor, Israel’s largest fortified city and one of the most significant in the Fertile Crescent. Hatzor maintained trade ties with Babylon and Syria and imported large quantities of tin for their bronze industry. The Book of Joshua describes the prominent ancient city as “the head of all those kingdoms” In the afternoon, we will visit the archeological museum of Qatsrin, a city which was once the capital of the Golan Heights. The museum showcases priceless artifacts from every historical period and gives an extraordinary overview of the Golan’s illustrious past. Whether you know a little, or a lot, about the Golan Heights, you will surely find your visit enlightening and rewarding. Afterward, we will drive you to your Tel Aviv accommodations for the night.

Day 8: Jaffa Tour

After you enjoy a delicious breakfast, it will be time to visit the outstanding Museum of Archaeology and its amazing, organized displays, before we continue on to Old Jaffa, an 8000-year-old port city and now a fascinating neighborhood defined by art galleries, theatres, and an array of excellent restaurants. This tour will give you an exceptional understanding of how modern-day Israel, and especially the Tel Aviv you experience today, has evolved through the centuries. Walk through the ancient cobbled streets that hide endless ancient stories and discover the old painter’s quarter which has been beautifully gentrified. Your overnight accommodation will be in Tel Aviv.

Day 9: Free Day in Tel Aviv

To complete your whirlwind Archaeological Tour in Israel, enjoy a free day in Tel Aviv; spend the whole day relaxing on the beach, feast on exquisite local specialties or perhaps squeeze in some more souvenir shopping, so you can bring home meaningful mementoes of your journey. Enjoy your last night on tour in the bustling and exciting city of Tel Aviv.

Day 10: Departure Day

This morning, your private transfer will take you to the Ben Gurion International Airport. We wish you a wonderful trip home and thank you for choosing Mazada for your Archaeological Tour in Israel – we hope to see you again soon!

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