Why Israel?

Why Israel?

May 4, 2017
Israel Blog by Mazada Tours

It’s time to take a vacation. None of the standard packages catch your eye. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy an amazing trip abroad to an exotic destination with modern amenities and ancient attractions in a land filled with abundant seas, sunny days, with countless spots for exploration? Israel is the destination that will accommodate all your vacation needs. From basking on pristine beaches to visiting the actual sets where the Biblical narrative actually took place over millennia, Israel truly lives up to its moniker – “The Miracle on the Mediterranean”.The cradle of civilization, located on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean, smack dab in the middle of everything is the place for you. The reasons why people choose to spend their vacation in the Holy Land are quite varied and as perennial as the history that was made in this special place. Many travelers are inspired by the notion of spiritual tourism, while others come just for the fun, and there is plenty of that for everyone.Taking a tour package in Israel is an option popular with tourists from across the world. The cultural variety adds an eclectic taste to your tour and enriches it. Israel tour packages are available every day with guaranteed departures, and there is a whole host of different itineraries available, enabling every tourist to find a tour that meets their requirements and budget.Tour packages tend to simplify the entire experience and are particularly auspicious for first-timers in search of a quick taste of the wonders that can be found in Israel. The majority of Israel tour packages include everything you will need in Israel, from pickup at the airport upon arrival, all hotel accommodations and touring excursions, and then you will be transferred to the airport at completion of your trip.With a tour package to Israel, you will have no worries other than deciding how much shopping to do. Everything is coordinated for you. You won’t have to waste time planning the itinerary, arranging hotels, or dealing with daily logistics, as it will all be taken care of, and you will be accompanied each day by a seasoned guide who is supported by a back-office operations’ team, who can handle all your needs.Taking a tour package of Israel is usually a very economical way to travel if you intend to visit the main highlights of Israel. Most tour packages, such as our most popular 8 day highlights package, include the major things to see in the country such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Galilee, and also Petra in Jordan. You will enjoy deep savings when working with a seasoned tour operator who knows the market and will get the best deal for you, and it will usually be significantly cheaper.When you choose a tour package to Israel, you are never alone, and even the most insignificant question can be addressed immediately without having to boot up your laptop. You will receive real-time solutions, cultural insight, and a plethora of other benefits that you would never find if you were traveling independently.Daily tours in Israel also offer their own set of advantages and are right for travelers who don’t want to commit to a full-time tour. You will have the freedom to customize and experience greater flexibility. You are the one who decides where you want to go, and when you want to go there.Budget travelers often find the right fit with daily tours. You can pick and choose options that will include a few daily tours when visiting the places that are really difficult to reach on your own like the Dead Sea or Petra, and other areas where public transport options are sparse or non-existent.The daily tour provides you with a much greater diversity of experience whereby new people are encountered daily and you will hear from different guides providing a more rounded perception of the given site and its history.The decision to go completely solo, participate in daily tours, take a private tour or an organized tour is a very personal one based on a myriad of factors like budget, time, and interests. In the end, it is completely up to you. We have found that people should just go with their instinct combined with practical considerations. We have very positive feedback from all types of packages, so contact us now to learn more.By Brent J. Mitchell

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