Seasonal Secrets: What is Your Next Destination?

Seasonal Secrets: What is Your Next Destination?

January 26, 2017
Israel Blog by Mazada Tours

Turbulence has caused many travelers to shy away from Middle Eastern destinations.However, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt still remain as viable and sustainable places to visit. Israel, as the Middle East's only true democracy, and the freedoms enjoyed in this country have to lead to leading innovations that have a positive influence on the traveler' s overall sense of delight and well-being. Jordan offers tourists unique forays into majestic deserts as well as affordable resorts on the Dead Sea and the Red Sea.Egypt's pyramids have attracted visitors for eons.As the so-called low season comes into full force after the recent cycle of Jewish Holidays, and prior to Christmas, travelers can enjoy two major incentives: the extremely mild weather conditions and reduced prices. This is the ideal time to take advantage of outdoor adventures in a tolerable clime. This is the time for a trek along Judean Desert trails or biking along Tel Aviv's beachfront promenade.Jordan is also particularly attractive at this time of year because one of the primary in-country destinations is the famed Petra (red rocks) world heritage site that is one of the most popular points of interest in this place. You can pair this with a jeep tour in Wadi Rum or book a spa package at the Dead Sea.Although Egypt was tossed about a bit in the waves of the shifting political climate all over the Middle East, the current administration is very similar to the pre-Arab spring ruling government, and this is good news for tourists who want to travel in this time-honored destination. Year round rates have fallen and excellent deals can be acquired for all the major destinations in Egypt. If you want to just hop across the border and see the pyramids, contact Mazada Tours, and we will help you plan your journey.Here is a breakdown of the seasonal and meteorological changes that occur across the four seasons. As you will see below, the fall and early winter seasons are the ideal times to visit Israel, Jordan, and Egypt.If you choose the fall season for your Mideast vacation, you will enjoy moderate temperatures everywhere. This is a good time to explore The Near East where the climate is perfect in the Mediterranean and you will discover a pleasant sojourn despite some rain in October-February. Israel also offers a beautiful light during all daylight hours of this season and the effects are particularly acute at sunrise and sunset, and Jordan also boasts preferred temperatures, especially in its eastern plateau.In winter, you will enjoy pleasant breezes and Cairo has nice temperatures around 27°. The Jordan Valley in Israel also enjoys mild winters and pleasant temperatures while in the rest of the country mild winter modalities appear intermittently. Israel enjoys mild winters on the coast except in the mountains, and across a very sunny coastal plain, which makes it a favorable site for practicing winter water sports. It is dry and mild in Eilat, but the Golan mountains are then covered with snow.In the spring, the weather is still hot in some areas, especially desert areas. Countries that are likely to be softened by the presence of the nearby sea, such as the Eastern or Southern Coast of the Mediterranean, and one finds a plethora of meadows replete with flowers in May, and you enjoy more pleasant temperatures. This is the same scenario for Jordan, and it is much more pleasant to visit in the off-season to enjoy temperatures that are more bearable. Mazada Tours is offering it's valued clients a rich selection of options for traveling in this ideal and low-cost season.In summer, the entire Middle East exudes a unified temperature regimen together with weather conditions typified by scorching temperatures and this season is not particularly conducive to outdoor exploration. This is the season where you might want to take advantage of the seashore resorts where you can lounge in the shaded sands and cool off with a quick dip in the glistening Mediterranean.Don't hesitate. Autumn vacation specials await. Contact us now to learn more about the best season to travel or any other inquiry about travel to the Mideast in the Fall.

By Brent J. Mitchell

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