Rosh Hashanah: Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashanah: Jewish New Year

September 2, 2018
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If you can’t wait for the cozy feeling of Christmas holidays and the festive cheers of the New Year’s Eve, you don’t have to wait-- come to Israel! Jewish New Year, called Rosh HaShanah, is celebrated in September, complete with holiday warmth and the gathering of friends and family. Here is a list of the nicest activities to participate in over the New Year’s holiday.One of the traditions of Rosh HaShanah is to eat apples dipped in honey, which symbolizes a wish for a sweet new year. You can, of course, buy the apples at the supermarket or the bazaar (shuk), but it’s much nicer to pick them fresh from a kibbutz. You can enjoy them right off the tree, or if you prefer, in form of an apple-honey cake. If you don’t like the taste of apples so much, you can still participate by making a cool apple-printed festive tablecloth.

You can also buy fresh honey from the local farmers (contact us and our experienced culinary guide will bring you to the most authentic farms). Did you know that honey can have different tastes depending on the type of the nectar from the flowers? Try to test as many as possible of them! You can also dip other things than apples – bananas or challah for example, so the combinations are endless.

Speaking of challah (the traditional Shabbat and holiday bread) – the one of Rosh HaShanah is special because it’s round instead of the normal braided shape to symbolize that the year is cycling around to the beginning. If you don’t want to buy a ready one and don’t know how to do it yourself – talk to us 😉

Another great, but almost forgotten activity is sending the New Year’s cards to family and friends. Especially if your family is living far away, don’t miss this opportunity to send them a postcard from the Holy Land with an apple-print – they’re going to love the personalized touch of your homemade cards.

One more thing you shouldn’t definitely miss on your Jewish New Year – the sound of shofar, the ram’s horn, blown at the Western Wall which announces the new year and reminds people to repent for their sins. It’s a powerful and exciting experience that you’ll never forget.

Reach out to us and we will create an unforgettable holiday for you and your beloved: HaShanah tova u’metuka!(Have a good and sweet New Year!)

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