Mount Hermon – Not Just a Winter Wonderland

Mount Hermon – Not Just a Winter Wonderland

October 3, 2013
Israel Blog by Mazada Tours

Mount Hermon is not just a single peak, but rather a cluster of mountains forming an irregular plateau with three separate summits, each of which is roughly at the same elevation. The main attractions here are the ski resort, Neve Ativ, and the Nimrod Fortress. Although many perceive MountHerman to be a winter vacation spot since it is the only place in Israel with sufficient snowfall accumulation for skiing or snowboarding, it also has a lot to offer in the summertime as well.The winter season draws skiers, sledders, and snowboarders. However, there are many visitors who love the snow and the seasonal atmosphere and visit just to observe and experience the extreme climate and fabulous views. The Hermon Ski Resort is open year round, and it encompasses an area of about 5,000 acres, at 1600 to 2040 meters above sea level. The chair lifts or cable cars operate year round.During the lengthy summer season with ideal weather conditions typically found in high mountain ranges, you will discover a wide variety of activities available to travelers. You can ride the cable car to visit the HaMa’apil summit. Here you can take a guided seasonal tour and discover the flora and fauna indigenous to this region. If you are interested in military history tours, you can learn about the battle on Mount Hermon. If you like speed and action, and extreme sports, then you can ride on the steep mountain sides.Nature lovers can venture outside of the ski areas and pay a visit to the Hermon Nature Reserve located in the occupied section of the Golan Heights. It was officially declared a nature reserve on December 6, 1974. The reserves’ total area is about 19,000 acres. Summer travelers can enjoy the late blooming season in August. Summer visitors can enter free of charge, and enjoy guided tours lead by the Nature Reserves Authority.In terms of capacity, Mount Hermon can accommodate about 12,000 visitors per day. In the winter season, the Hermon resort receives an estimated 300,000 visitors and during the summer months about 40,000 people.Although Mount Hermon is steeped in a rich historical tradition, today the site and its surroundings are primarily the focus of tourism and recreation. This amazing site provides visitors with a variety of options to spend and enjoy a memorable vacation. Feel free to contact Mazada Tours for further information.

By Brent J. Mitchell

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