Holy Land Hot Spots

Holy Land Hot Spots

June 4, 2015
Israel Blog by Mazada Tours

Many travelers have asked us to describe to them the significance of the term “Holy Land Tour”. Some feel that this term is a synonym for travel to Israel in general and that “Holy Land” is just an another way of describing a trip to Israel, but in fact, in Israel Tourism Parlance it means a tour that covers all of the traditionally historical sites where Jesus either lived or performed a significant action. So, in the main, this type of tour is usually exclusively attractive to Christian pilgrims or their co-religionists who simply are interested in seeing the historical sites associated with Jesus and his works and ministry.We are oftentimes asked by our clients to design a seven-day tour that would include all of the essential sites that a Christian pilgrim, or anyone else interested in this subject, should visit when making a Holy Land tour here. Attraction election choices are inherently subjective, and might not meet the expectations of all travelers, but we have prepared an unprecedented trip where our thirty-five years of experience in the Incoming Tourism Sector pays off for you, since you will spend most of your time at desired sites, while maximizing all of the time-saving benefits of expert logistics planning and feedback from thousands of satisfied travelers who chose Mazada Tours as their Tour Operator.Tracing the life of Jesus chronologically is not efficacious in terms of logistics and travel contingencies. Many factors must be taken into account in order maximize your itinerary for optimum pleasure and enjoyment. Therefore, most of our tours actually commence in Jerusalem, which albeit, played a role in Jesus’ ministry, but is perceived by many to be the final stop in his incarnated journey in this world.Tradition teaches that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Therefore, we tend to schedule this stop at the beginning of these types of tours because it pairs well with Jerusalem which is in close geographical proximity. Travel to Bethlehem involves a border station since Bethlehem is technically in the Palestinian authority, but this transition is virtually seamless with us because we have long standing business relationships in this area, and this allows us to expedite the logistics involved. There are several classical sights that travelers like to see and we can accommodate your preferences.In Jerusalem, the old city is always a ‘must see’ on the Holy Land Tour, even though there is usually a brief foray into the Western part of the city. The Old City offers countless attractions, but the highlights are the Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Temple Mount, and Western Wall, and many, many others, as time allows.Most of our tours dedicate day four to the Judean desert and the Dead Sea. The first stop is at Qumaran, the legendary site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. You will visit the Archeological ruins of what many believe to be an Essene settlement. From here, you continue on to Masada, the renowned fortress where the Jewish people made their final stand against the Roman conquerors. If time permits, you will be able to take a short dip in one of the wonders of the world – The Dead Sea.After a brief sojourn to the South, you will head north to the Sea of Galilee, a site replete with interesting sites, but prior to arriving at the Sea of Galilee, travelers will make the traditional Yardanit stop for a visit to the traditional baptism site and you too can relive this rite of passage in the Jordan River. Once you reach Tiberius, there is a virtual cornucopia of places to see, and legends to learn. You can take a cruise; visit Tabgha, the site where Jesus is believed to have fed the five thousand with five loaves and two fish.The next day will cover stops such as Meggido, the prophesied site where the Armageddon war, the war to end all wars, will take place. Some itineraries also include a stop at Stella Morris, as well as Mount Tavor, Kefar Kana, and more.If you decide to extend your stay beyond the classic one week tour, you can also visit other attractions like the Jesus Trail, the recently built hiking trail that follows Jesus’ footsteps in the Galilee running from Nazareth to Capernaum. And another intriguing and unforgettable thing to do would be an excursion to St. Georges Monastery, the Stunning structure built right into a Judean desert cliff, almost like a hanging garden, and designated as one of the oldest monasteries extends in modern times.Now that you have gained copious information regarding the ubiquitous Holy Land Tour, we feel certain that we have sparked a modicum of interest, so isn’t it time to contact Mazada Tours and book an unforgettable Holy Land Tour.By Brent J. Mitchell

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