Hamat Gader Spa Complex and Park

Hamat Gader Spa Complex and Park

October 3, 2013
Israel Blog by Mazada Tours

If you are looking for a unique, wintertime, spa experience in a majestic location, then look no further than the Hamat Gader Resort – Israel’s largest and oldest spa complex. This site is located adjacent to Tiberius, not far from the southeastern shores of the Sea of Galilee. You will also be amazed by the renowned park that forms a major part of the complex.The HamatGaderPark encompasses an area of over 40 acres and boasts a modern park infrastructure that includes covered walkways and nature observation sites, restaurants, lawns, ancient Roman Baths and the thermo-mineral pool area. Furthermore, Hamat Gader maintains one of the largest crocodile farms in the Middle East with approximately 200 crocodiles of various species.This enchanting vacation spot has a rich history that began with the Greeks. They built the city of Gadara overlooking the sea of Galilee, and the hot springs of Gader – and Hamat Gader came into existence. The Romans moved in after this.In the Roman period, the hot springs were visited for their therapeutic qualities, and the second-largest bath complex in the entire Roman Empire was built at Hamat Gader. Famous visitors frequented the baths in ancient times and included famous rabbinical figures, prominent Greek philosophers, and even Jesus and his disciples.The central bath complex is one of the signature attractions here.The thermo-mineral water baths include spacious pools filled with water containing potent medicinal and curative properties, Jacuzzi, beds and chairs, water jets that relieve neck, shoulder and back tension, a luxurious bubble pool, and a hot water waterfall.The thermo-mineral water includes two primary qualities: heat and a mineral-rich composition. The water flows at a steady temperature of 42 C, and it contains sulfur as well as other important minerals. Some claim that bathing in these waters accelerates metabolism, cell renewal and contributes to the relief of joint pains. Due to the large capacity of the hot springs, the water circulates every four hours, ensuring that it remains clean and fresh.Hamat Gader offers a full range of water treatments and massages of various kinds. The Spa Village Hotel is a boutique complex comprising 29 luxurious suites situated around the center of the spa. This spa complex would be an excellent choice for all those looking for a winter vacation filled with warmth.

By Brent J. Mitchell

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