7 Reasons to Choose a Petra Tour from Tel Aviv

7 Reasons to Choose a Petra Tour from Tel Aviv

March 12, 2019
Israel Blog by Mazada Tours

Petra, The Rose City, or The Lost City, goes by many names, and for good reason! This unique world wonder is worth the visit for more than just being featured in Indiana Jones. Adding a Petra tour from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem while you're visiting the Holy Land will only enrich your trip and add another layer of wonder and adventure. While many people will simply cross the border into Jordan, explore Petra for a half day, then head back, our Mazada Tours travel experts know that there is far more to see in and around Petra. Let us show you just a few of the wondrous reasons to take a Petra tour from Tel Aviv and discover the stunning Rose City for yourself!

1. History

petra tour from tel aviv_history

Petra used to be a bustling trade center and the heart of the Nabatean empire from 400 B.C. to A.D 106. The Nabataeans were a group of Arab Bedouins (nomads) and traders. They used Petra for it's proximity to the trade routes. There is a long history of empires and kings coming to conquer Petra, however, it was believed to be abandoned around the 8th century A.D. It wasn't until 1812 that Swiss traveler, Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, disguised himself as a Bedouin and snuck into "The Lost City." Slowly, the rest of the world began to take note of its existence, and in 1929, archeologists began to officially excavate and study the area.

2. Archeology

petra tour from tel aviv_history

To the casual observer, Petra is home to a bunch of pretty carved rocks. However, these rocks hold a lot more significance and are even more impressive once you know a bit of background. Petra is host to tombs and temples that have been carved into pink sandstone, hence "The Pink City." The most stunning and undeniably most iconic structure is The Treasury. Visitors get a first glance at the Treasury after walking through a sandstone canyon with 250-foot-high walls.

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3. Petra by Night

petra tour from tel aviv_petra by night

Once you've decided on a Petra tour from Tel Aviv, working in a night to visit the site is a definite must-do. Viewing The Lost City at night while the grounds are gently lit by 1,500 candles is nothing short of magical. Though you'll definitely find Petra absolutely breathtaking during the day, seeing it at night is like experiencing it again for the first time. Petra by night is an incredible sight not to be missed!

4. Bedouin Hospitality

petra tour from tel aviv_bedouin

If Petra is Jordan's most famous attraction, than Jordanian hospitality is its second. The Bedouins in Jordan are second-to-none when it comes to hosting visitors. If you're visiting Petra or any other site nearby, be prepared for dozens of invitations to dinner and tea. The Bedouins are very welcoming and they want to give visitors to their land the best experience possible. Asking your guide for recommendations for a traditional Bedouin dinner is recommended. It will definitely be one of the most unique experiences during your Petra tour from Tel Aviv!

5. The Views

petra tour from tel aviv_views

While you're on your Petra tour from Tel Aviv, why not add some more adventure into your trip. Hike up to the top of the canyon for an even more spectacular view. From the high vantage point, you'll be able to enjoy a hot cup of tea from the local Bedouins while looking down at the gorgeous views of The Treasury from above.

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6. Sleep Under the Stars

petra tour from tel aviv_sleep under the stars

When booking accommodation for your Petra tour, consider staying in a Bedouin Camp or in a unique dome pod hotel. Both of these options will enrich your experience. It will allow you to admire the vast night sky and all its stars from the quiet of the desert. In fact, the Dana Biosphere Reserve not far from Petra. It is considered one of the best places in the world to go stargazing. If you stay in a dome hotel, you'll be able to sleep in a small but luxurious private room within a see-through dome so you can watch the stars as you fall asleep.

7. Jordanian Food

petra tour from tel aviv_food

If you've opted to head to a Bedouin camp for the night or even just for a visit, you'll be delighted with all the flavors of Jordanian cuisine. Expect to have more food than you're able to eat pushed in front of you! Try local dishes like Manshaf, Jordan's national dish which consists of camel or lamb meat spread over rice. There's also Maqluba. This dish is made up of fried vegetables, meat, and rice which are all placed in a pot and flipped upside down when served. Tabbouleh, a fresh salad made with parsley is another common dish you'll often find in Jordan.

While we could list far more reasons why taking a Petra tour from Tel Aviv is undeniably worth it. The proximity to places of interest like Amman and Wadi Rum, and it's strong safety record to name a few. However, the best way to discover The Rose City is to pay a visit yourself! Our guides are professionals and experts of the region. We'd be happy to show you around Petra, introduce you to local Bedouins and their delicious food, and show you exactly why Petra is one of the new 7 wonders of the world! Contact us today to get started on your booking, we're positive this will be a trip you'll never forget.

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