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Travel Agents Love Working With Us!

Mazada Tours – Your Partner in the Middle East

Mazada Tours has provided stellar tourism services to over 2,9 million happy tourists since its inception, in 1981. We are a one-stop-shop solution for tourist services in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.  

Most of our clientele is from the United States, Canada, and South America, and we often liaise with our clients’ local travel agency to plan their memorable journey to the Middle East.  

We love working with travel agents around the world and the we firmly believe the feeling is mutual. We focus on creating a personal connection between the client, their trusted travel agent and our assigned Mazada Tours representative. 

Want to work with Mazada Tours? 

Our representative will be your client’s dedicated Personal Travel Assistant and their point of reference here in Israel. They will take care of your client’s needs from the time you/they first contact our offices, all the way through the end of the trip.  

We go ‘above and beyond’ to ensure seamless and rewarding trips. 

Our Mazada representatives can be reached at any time and neither you, nor your cherished client, will ever be off-loaded to someone else. Naturally, it’s ‘all hands on deck’ in case of emergencies but these are very rare events.  

While other tour operators may offer a multitude of often unreliable contact points, we like to keep it simple here at Mazada. Just a single, reliable, professional and personal connection to each and every guest who travels with us. 

When you work with Mazada Tours, you’re not working with a nameless, faceless company.  

You will have a Personal Travel Assistant, by your side, every step of the way. 

Benefits For Travel Agents

We provide Western standard services in an exotic Middle Eastern environment

Your Personal Travel Assistant at Mazada Tours will take care of your client, from beginning to end
We have strong connections and agreements with hotels, so you get the best rates for your clients
Our excellent service reflects positively on you, and gets YOU returning customers

Your client benefits from our extensive experience in the tourism industry – 40 years and counting!
Our guides are licensed, highly knowledgeable and specialized in their respective fields

Frequently Provided Services

F.I.T. Customized Tours

We have the experience and knowledge to confidently craft unique, customized tours for your clients.  

Whatever their needs, we have a wide range of tours and offer experiences from many different perspectives.  

Our range of trusted hotels, fleet of luxury vehicles and even helicopters mean we cater to every type of client you may have.  

We specialize in VIP and luxury tours – even the most discerning client will be in the best of hands with Mazada Tours.

Incentive Groups

Incentive travel is the fastest-growing sector in the tourism industry – we are here to make your business travel planning easier. 

When you need to plan a business trip for an important client, you will want to ensure the journey is exceptional. 

We take the stress out of planning incentive travel to Israel, Jordan and Egypt, lightening your workload. 

We choose hotels based on client needs and feasibility.  

We only promise what we can deliver – and deliver above and beyond what we promise. 

Our tours focus not only on the needs of the clients but also on the aim of the business incentive trip. 

We work to help your clients reach their business goals with ease.

Pilgrimage Tours

Many tour groups come to Israel to see the holy sites and Mazada Tours is renowned for holding the highest possible standards in the market for pilgrimage tours. 

Our clients experience meaningful and unforgettable pilgrimages that are unparalleled in the region.

Conference Logistics

At Mazada Tours, we don’t only focus on tours.  

Our deep and longstanding connections allow us to set up conferences with some of the most exclusive hotels in Israel. We can help plan a variety of details for incentive travel groups.  

We work with conference organizers to: 

  • Set up schedules; 
  • Choose the necessary amenities; 
  • Organize refreshments; 
  • Book excursions to amazing points of interest for participants. 

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