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Eco Tours in Israel

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Eco Tours in Israel 

Israel is located at the nexus of three continents, with three distinct climates, and Israel has a little flavor of each one. With the greenery of Europe up North, the Mediterranean air in the West, and the African desert down South, Israel is the perfect place for outdoor lovers. Let Mazada Tours guide you through the beautiful wilderness of Israel. 

Up North, birds flock from Europe to the Hula Valley to fill up on water and food during their long migration to Africa for the winter. The valley is full of pelicans, eagles, and many land animals—even water buffalo! See it all up close with Mazada Tours’ knowledgeable, licensed guides. 

Down South, the Negev desert offers a breathtaking vastness. The most famous area of the desert is Makhtesh Ramon, which is often mischaracterized as a crater. It is, in fact, a geologically unique feature full of Nubian Ibex and incredible views. Take a jeep tour, taste unique desert plants, trace wild animal tracks, and listen to the roaring hum of silence. 

Join Mazada Tours for a trek through all the terrains Israel has to offer!