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UAE Tours from Israel


Since the Abraham agreements, visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi from Israel has become a must in the Middle East.

With a number of direct flights departing from Ben Gurion airport, we will help to organize your trip to the Emirates “ a la carte  “.

Discovering highlights of Israel, before taking off to Dubai or Abu Dhabi will allow you to visit the pearls of the Middle East at once.

Also famous for being a business hotspot where big companies are growing,

Dubai is perfect if you’re looking to relax in a world-class spa or explore the desert.

Skyscrapers, islands, dreamful beaches, giant malls, dining in a fancy rooftop restaurant, or simply a Jeep tour in the huge desert, the  United Arabic Emirates are an ideal tourist destination. Connection the East and the West, The UAE, offers a huge range of accommodation for all budgets, and at Mazada Tours we will help you to organize the best trip.

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