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Red Sea Yacht

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Red Sea Yachts

Eilat , at the Red Sea Seashore , is a wonderful destination with pampering  beaches, deluxe hotels, fun activities, and lively nightlife. But its location makes it ideal for a boat ride to discover  the treasures of the Red Sea .

Many tourists from all over the world choose Eilat to be their base for exciting day trips riding the Red Sea and Scuba diving  .

We offer ride on the Red taking you on our private Deluxe Yachts located at the Marina , for some private events or just for a nice “ promenade “ to explore the underwater world or just swimming in the Red Sea.

Throughout the cruise you will have amazing panoramic views  of the coastline .

Our luxury yachts have all facilities to be comfortable on board  : accommodation , air condition and a seating area  at the sundeck .

Sailing on the Red is a great way to relax and to enjoy Eilat’s landscapes.

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