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Culinary Experience


Market Culinary Tours 

In Israel, an outdoor bazaar is called the “shuk,” from the Arabic word for market. 

Every major city has a colorful shuk that is especially packed on Friday before the Sabbath. Mazada Tours can take you on an insider’s view of the culture and tastes of the shuk. 

Whether it’s the Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv, Mahane Yehuda in Jerusalem, or some of the lesser-known, more authentic shuks around Israel, our tours will give you a culinary and cultural experience you will never forget. 

Our guide, who was at the helm of one of Israel’s top restaurants, and has won awards for his bakery, will show you the best of the best when it comes to food. 

The best way to absorb the culture of Israel is to do it literally, by taking in the authentic foods, colorful sites, and unique vibes of the shuk. 

Don’t miss out on this unique, insider’s view of Israel!