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Egypt Tours from Israel


An Egypt extension tour from Israel brings you face to face with one of the Seven Wonders of the World in Egypt: the extraordinary Great Pyramid of Giza. 

Because you’ve planned for so long and traveled so far…why not include this amazing highlight into your Israel tour itinerary?   

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the world’s most astonishing sights and a fantastic enticement for a memorable side trip from Israel.  

Yet there is so much more to Egypt than this admittedly outstanding site! 

Aside from soaking the splendor of the world-famous pyramids, you will also see the Great Sphinx and could seamlessly enjoy a fascinating guided tour of Cairo, discovering extraordinary sites like the legendary Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. 

If you have more time, an enchanting cruise along the Nile River is an unmissable experience on an Egypt extension tour from Israel.  

Cairo to Luxor Cruise is one of our most popular Egypt tour extensions from Israel and includes revered sights in both Aswan and Luxor, each stop offering a multitude of excursions and activities.  

This is a wonderful and leisurely way to take in Egypt’s most prized treasures: from the jaw-dropping temples of Abu Simbel to the imposing tombs of the Valley of Kings and Queens and, of course, the magnificent Temple of Luxor. 

At Mazada Tours, we offer safe, comfortable and memorable tours of all of Egypt’s most esteemed highlights. We have enjoyed closed relations with the Egyptian Embassy in Israel since the 1980s – in fact, their offices are nearby and we enjoy daily dealings with embassy officials. 

On your Mazada Egypt Extension Tour from Israel, you can include as many highlights as you wish. We’re in the business of creating tailor-made experiences for discerning travelers so choose the most experienced agency in the region for your whirlwind trip to Israel and Egypt. 

Contact Mazada Tours and speak to one of our experienced representatives today.