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Israel Spa and Leisure Tours

Spa and Leisure Tours in Israel

Our Spa and Leisure Tours in Israel offer incredible chances for relaxation and rejuvenation. The country’s array of natural mineral springs and wellness spas do a marvelous job of decompressing your mind, body, and soul. Yet it’s the world-famous Dead Sea, and its outstanding therapeutic benefits, that is the most enticing highlight of all. 

A trip abroad does not always have to be a hurried, stressful affair. Sometimes, as is the case for Mazada’s Spa and Leisure Tours, they can be all about blissful therapies. Israel has long been considered one of the most healing travel destinations in the world, the country revered for its long-held traditions of curative treatments dating back to the Ottoman-era.  

The spa tradition in Israel continues to this day and the naturally sourced springs still attract visitors from every corner of the globe. 

Some of our tour highlights include: 

  • The mineral-enriched mud treatments of the Dead Sea; 
  • The sulfur-rich mineral springs of Ein Gedi; 
  • Sensational spa and wellness hotels, in some of the most jaw-dropping destinations, like the Negev Desert; 
  • A bevy of enriching cultural and historical sites, to ensure your tour in Israel is as rewarding as can be. 

No matter where you go on a Mazada Spa and Leisure Toru in Israel, you can indulge in salt and mineral treatments that will have extraordinary healing effects. In the Dead Sea, in particular, you’ll benefit from world-renowned mud therapies, using a natural product that is now exported to every corner of the world. 

So why not come experience all these enchantments right from their original source? 

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