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Israel Archeological Tours in Israel

Israel Archeological Tours in Israel

The ideal tour for history lovers, our Archeological Tours in Israel showcase the in-depth complexity and variety of the country’s illustrious past. On our professionally guided and specialized tours, witness Israel’s history come back to life! 

Israel has been inhabited since before historical records were even kept. Throughout countless generations, archaeologists have discovered relics that have been buried by Jews, Christians, and Muslims, each piece revealing yet another chapter of the country’s insanely long history.  

On a dedicated Archeological Tour, you can discover the historical richness of the land, first-hand. 

On Mazada’s Archeological Tours in Israel, you can explore: 

  • The spectacular Roman ruins at Caesarea 
  • A bevy of ancient Roman ruins 
  • The excavations at the City of David 
  • The remnants of exceptional 12th-century Crusader fortresses 
  • Ancient synagogues with amazing inscriptions and mosaics 
  • World-class museums now protecting and showcasing the treasures found all throughout the land 

With every visit and excursion, an intricate layer of Israel’s history will be revealed. 

Authentic Archaeological Tours are for those who literally, and figuratively speaking, wish to dig a little deeper on their trip to Israel 

Book your tour with Mazada’s professional, licensed and knowledgeable guides today! 

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