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Agriculture Tours in Israel

Agriculture Tours in Israel

Whether you live and breathe agriculture or simply have a desire to discover why Israel is one of the world’s agricultural pioneers, a Mazada Agriculture Tour in Israel will tick all your boxes! 

Israel may nowadays be known as the land of milk and honey but it certainly was not that when first founded. In the north, the land was blanketed by uninhabitable swamps and riddled with malaria. Down in the south it was arid, lifeless and inhospitable. Despite the bleakness of the situation, Israel’s founding father, David Ben Gurion, was fervently committed to his mission to make the desert, and the whole country, bloom to life.  

Against all odds, Israel did indeed blossom, almost miraculously. With its innovative drip-irrigation system, its effective pest-control and fertilizing methods, not to mention its avant-garde water desalination plants, Israel created the ideal canvas for a phenomenal organic farming trade – one that is very much at the heart and core of its essence. 

Did you know that the world-renowned and loved cherry tomato was invented, right here? But that’s not all! 

In just a few short decades, Israel has become a world leader in water management: the desalination, recycling and irrigation systems invented in our country continue to lead and inspire the rest of the world. 

Not at all shabby for an inhospitable land, right?! 

On Agriculture Tours in Israel with us at Mazada Tours, you’ll discover an amazing array of unique kibbutzim, the traditional farming collectives originally inspired by the socialist ideals of the USSR, that were the backbone of the country’s agricultural growth. 

Today, Israel’s best kibbutzim are incredible estates that inspire sustainable farming the world over. Home-grown, simple, organic and sustainably farmed produce is at the core of the modern-day kibbutz, with advancements in permaculture leading the way.  

Come discover the amazing and unique ways in which Israel irrigates and farmes its land – meet farmers, taste produce, enjoy unique accommodation and let your mind be blown away by a different, rewarding and soul-satisfying way of life. 

You will also visit world-class facilities that deal with agricultural research and, naturally, discover the most unmissable cultural, historical and archaeological highlights in the country as well. 

Mazada’s comprehensive Agriculture Tours in Israel showcase the very best the country has to offer! 

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