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Holy Land Pilgrimage Tours

Holy Land Pilgrimage Tours

Retrace the steps of Jesus Christ on our unique Holy Land Pilgrimage Tours in Israel 

With Mazada Tours, you the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream: to feel and experience the life of Jesus, firsthand, on expertly led biblical tours with our specialized Christian tour guide. 

Here are just a few of the destinations you can visit on our Holy Land Pilgrimage Tours: 

  • Nazareth; 

  • Bethlehem; 

  • Mount of Beatitudes; 

  • The Inn of the Good Samaritan; 

  • The Church of the Nativity & Milk Grotto 

  • The Via Dolorosa; 

  • Mt Temptation; 

  • Church of the Tomb of the Virgin Mary 

  • The Church of the Holy Sepulchre; 

  • And so many more! 

Visitors to Israel who wish for a meaningful pilgrimage, rather than a sightseeing tour, there is also the option of baptism in the Jordan River at Yardenit – the recognized Jordan River Baptismal SiteThis is an extraordinary experience for the faithful and a spiritual reaffirmation of your faith, in the very same waters where Jesus was himself baptized. 

Trust Mazada Tours to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience on your Holy Land Pilgrimage and Sightseeing Tour in Israel – the most immersive and meaningful journey you could ever take. 

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