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Culinary Tours in Israel

Culinary Tours in Israel

Culinary Tours in Israel are among the most popular specialized tours we offer here at Mazada – and it’s certainly not hard to know why that would be. 

Combining a kaleidoscope of influences from every corner of the world, Israeli cuisine is an exquisite retelling of Jewish history. Feasting your way through the country is not only doable but also exceptionally rewarding, not to mention delicious! 

Israeli cuisine boasts an intoxicating combination of delights: warm, freshly-whipped hummus from the Middle East, crispy schnitzel from Europe, flaky bread from Yemen, and flavorful spices from Morocco (to name but a few!), have led to some of the most mouthwatering, satisfying dishes ever created.  

Here at Mazada Tours, we believe that not a single meal in life should ever be wasted on below-par meals. This is why we’re committed to showcasing the best food Israel has to offer, guiding our culinary tour guests from one delectable meal to the next, accompanied by David Kichka: our expert, award-winning culinary expert 

David has brought Israel’s culinary tourism to brand new heights and his inherent passion for authentic food is an absolute pleasure to witness and share. We’re thrilled to offer specialized Culinary Tours in Israel for dedicated foodies and anyone who wishes to learn more about Israel’s extraordinary history through morsels of drool-worthy indulgences.  

As we love to say: if you are not an avid foodie before visiting Israel, you certainly will be by the time you leave! 

Tailor-designed Culinary Tours in Israel guide you through vibrant and colorful bazaars that stimulate all your senses, cherry-picking the most unique, authentic and delicious bites that showcase the extraordinary melting pot of Israel’s culture. 

Want to eat your way through Israel? 

With Mazada Culinary Tours and David Kichka… you can! 

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