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Highlights of Israel Tours
Our Mazada Tours Highlights of Israel itineraries combine the country’s most unmissable sites, helping first-time visitors, in particular, plan their unforgettable introduction journey to the Holy Land.
Because when planning a trip to such a treasure-enriched, historical country…
Spa and Leisure
Our Spa and Leisure Tours in Israel offer incredible chances for relaxation and rejuvenation. The country’s array of natural mineral springs and wellness spas do a marvelous job of decompressing your mind, body, and soul.
Yet it’s the world-famous Dead Sea
Bar Mitzvah Tours
At Mazada Tours, we have decades of experience in creating authentic, fun, touching, and spiritual Bar Mitzvah Tours in Israel for our Jewish brethren living abroad.
Holy Land Pilgrimage Tours
Retrace the steps of Jesus Christ on our unique Holy Land Pilgrimage Tours in Israel.
With Mazada Tours, you the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream: to feel and experience the life of Jesus, first–hand, on expertly led biblical tours with our specialized Christian tour guide.
Family Tours
Anyone who has ever traveled with children knows that family vacations abroad can be challenging. At Mazada Tours, we understand and accept the challenge, and plan bespoke itineraries for Family Tours in Israel that become lifelong memories for everyone in the family
Agriculture Tours
Whether you live and breathe agriculture or simply have a desire to discover why Israel is one of the world’s agricultural pioneers, a Mazada Agriculture Tour in Israel will tick all your boxes!
Culinary Tours in Israel
Israeli food is a special, unique blend of all the cuisines of Jews from around the world. The combination of warm, freshly-whipped hummus from the Middle East, crispy schnitzel from Europe, flaky breads from Yemen, and flavorful spices from Morocco (just to name a few!).
Archeological Tours
The ideal tour for history lovers, our Archeological Tours in Israel showcase the in-depth complexity and variety of the country’s illustrious past. On our professionally guided and specialized tours, witness Israel’s history come back to life!
Israel has been inhabited since before historical
Art Tours
If you’re looking for the ultimate artistic inspiration, look no further than an Art Tour in Israel with Mazada Tours.
From ancient sculptures displayed in world-class

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