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Your Benefits with Mazada Tours



We have been operating successful tours for over 40 years and proudly boast professional relationships with hotels that we have nurtured across two generations. Our unique, trusted and valued bonds translate into unbeatable accommodation prices and efficient, hassle-free bookings. 

We hand-selected all our hotels, each one satisfying our rigorous selection process. The factors we hold in high regard include: 

  • Prime Location – Convenient, central and safe; 
  • Facilities – More than a simple place to sleep, our revered hotels boast extras including restaurants, gyms, spas, swimming pools and anything else that may enhance an overnight stay; 
  • Personalized Service – We have priority access to the best rooms in every hotel to guarantee your utmost comfort and satisfaction; 
  • Excellent Quality – No matter how modest the budget. 

We invite you to take advantage of our incredible network of connections throughout Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. For your bespoke journey, we can easily find the best accommodation options for your needs, desires, and budget. 


Luxury Cars for Comfortable Tours

At Mazada Tours, we understand that traveling in comfort and style can make all the difference.  

Our luxury fleet comprises new and air-conditioned vehicles with added Wi-Fi for extra convenience. 

Choose from: 

  • Mercedes E-class luxury sedan; 
  • Mercedes V-class minivan for larger groups; 
  • Limousine minibus for even larger groups.  


Originally, the minibus seated 19 pax, but we modified it to seat only 13 so now offers the kind of comfort only seen on private jets! 


Safety and Security

As a well-established, licensed tour operator in Israel, we have strong connections with government authorities. This gives us unrestricted access to the latest safety updates throughout the country. 

Our unique cooperation with authorities allows us to provide the absolute safest trip for you. 


Our Experience

We have over 40 years of incomparable experience in the tourism field


Personal contact

Our representatives are your Personal Travel Assistants, through the booking process AND during your trip



Our ‘one-stop-shop’ service includes hotels, tours, dining, private transport and much more – book it all in one go with confidence! 



We offer our warmest welcome so that you’ll feel right at home in the hospitable Middle East 


Tour Guides

We match our highly specialized and experienced guides to your specific interests 

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